Playground Rules, Terms and Conditions

For a safe and fun KinderCity playtime, the following rules and regulations are to be followed at all times.


    1.  KinderCity is now open for WALK-INS! We have registration forms at the ticket booth counters. Those who prefer a contact-free registration, you can still book online via, book a play timeslot and settle payment to be able to receive the online pass that will be presented upon arrival so Official Receipts can be issued accordingly. 

    2. To ensure that the children will be attended to at all times, a maximum of two (2) children will be allowed per companion, provided one (1) of the two (2) children must be seven (7) years old and above. Admission fees for children of all ages will apply. 

    Only PWD and Senior Citizens may avail of the Government issued 20% discount, these users must provide the government issued ID at the payment verification and at the branch for verification.

    3. KinderCity reserves the right to hold entry in case it reaches the maximum number of guests admitted inside the play area per play time. After each 2-hour playtime, a 20-minute intermission will be scheduled for disinfection and sanitation.

    Refer to our playtime and disinfection schedule below.

    a. Should guests arrive later than the start of play timeslot, they will still be admitted, however, the end of the timeslot should still be followed.

    b. Should guests arrive later and have missed the timeslot, the booking will be forfeited and no refund will be issued.

    c. Guests should inform KinderCity via Messenger or through email at a day ahead in case they won’t be able to make it to the play timeslot, so we can re-book or refund the payment. Refund will be net of processing fees and may take 15-45 days to process. Rebooking may only be done once.

    4. Health checks may be conducted before going inside the play area.

    5. The guardian must supervise their child to follow KinderCity's rules and will be always responsible for proper behavior while inside the premises, since risks and hazards may be involved in the participant’s enjoyment of KinderCity’s facilities and amenities.

    6. Socks are a must to all guests. Remove any sharp objects from your body to ensure a safe and worry-free play.

    7. Safe keep all bags, shoes, jewelry and accessories. Carriers and strollers are not allowed at the play area. KinderCity will not be held liable for any injury, loss and damage to personal belongings.

    8. For the safety of our customers, kids or guardians who are unruly or with illness will be disallowed entry or upon discovery, will be ushered out of the premises. Parents/guardians must disclose if their child/children is/are suffering from any health/medical condition. The parent/guardian will be responsible for any consequence arising from such condition while the child is at the play area.

    9. KinderCity requires assistance from the parent/guardian at all times. Participants needing special assistance should be accompanied by the parent/guardian. No child should be left unattended at all times.

    10. Food and drinks are not allowed in the play area.

    11. Toys must be returned to their original places and kept within their specific area. In case of loss/ broken/ damaged items, guests will be charged accordingly.

    12. Capturing videos and photos within KinderCity are subject to management's approval.

    13. KinderCity's management and employees are not liable for accidents, loss, injury, however cause. All children, accompanying adults, and guests must not cause any harm or danger to anyone inside the premises.

    14. Re-entry is strictly prohibited. All admissions will be scheduled via the Kindercity website beforehand.


    15. Strictly no switching of companions.

    16. KinderCity management reserves the right to deny admission, or if necessary, remove disorderly guest/s with no refund. All guests must follow instructions of our KinderCity crew.

    17. KinderCity is not required to refund payment in any case of power interruptions and/or other fortuitous events that may cause the playtime to be cut short.

    18. KinderCity, its managers, management, and employees are released from any liability on injuries caused to the participant resulting from risks and dangers inherent and associated with the activities and amenities, including but not limited to falls, collision with other participants, loss of balance, loss of control, etc. and those resulting to various injuries and/or accidents.

    19. KinderCity is released from any and all third-party claims arising from the situations stated above.

    20. Entry to the premises signifies all terms have been fully understood and accepted by the user of this website and on behalf of the participant who is 18 years old and below.


    21. Pets are not allowed inside the KinderCity premises.